About Me

I love gaming and have a collection of games spanning a great many years. From the days of the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 I have owned lots and have a collection that includes many classics that I still play today.
With huge jumps in technology and gaming today is a rich world for people like me and the only problem I know have is hours in the day to fulfil my passion for gaming.
When I am not on my playstation or xBox I have to go to work firstly to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head but secondly and more importantly it pays for my trips to Game to get the latest release. My job is in a garage where I work to book in and maintain the smooth running of a very busy service centre. Its a good laugh as the boys I work with are nuts and always pulling crazy wind ups and gags on each other…and often me!
We are always flat out and there is never a dull moment. Lately I took over managing the website and updating all the social media outlets the garage uses and I even get to use a bit of the marketing budget on Facebook advertising which is better than real work. Its been a steep learning curve but hugely enjoyable and probably my favourite part of the job now.
In the little remaining time I have left in life I do try to exercise a couple of times a week and also get out at least once a week for a bit of a night out. I love going out and letting my hair down and regular go out to live bands which I am particularly fond of. I like all types of music and go see lots of different genres all over the place.
I hope you enjoy reading and come back soon.

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