slate house signs are ordered

I ordered slate house signs for the house

I have just ordered my new slate house signs to replace the tired old ones we have had for years. I know this may not be the most ground breaking news especially as today see the end of Seb Bl;batter’s reign at Fifa and a crash at Alton Towers especially not that important as Amber’s parents face losing a child according to the news tonight. But in my little world the night has been a positive one.
I was looking to replace our two house signs as they have looked dreadful since we moved in. I wasn’t really sure what to go for and was going to buy something off the shelf but then I found a website that offered a bespoke sign making service. I figured as it was going to be up for a very long time I wanted something that would last a decent time and still look fantastic and so opted for a natural product that would weather well.

It only took a few minutes to design my slate house signs

The website I found allowed you to design your own signs and see how they would look as the finished article. With so much choice I did have a good look at some options. You picked the size of the sign you wanted to have and then typed in the text or text and numbers you wanted. You could alter the size of the font to properly fill the space and also change the font to lots of different types. I went for a classic font so it looked a bit ye olde world.
Next up you could pick the colour of the letters you wanted I wanted plain white but there were other options including a gold leaf 24 carat option, although this was more expensive. You then pick the type of finish you want and whether or not the fixings are showing or invisible and voila you are done.
I used paypal to pay of them and they are due to me within a week even though they are custom designed. It is a great service start to finish and I just hope they look as fantastic as they did on the web page visual.

I hope these slate house signs are easy to put up

My only concern was putting the things up as I am not the greatest when it comes to DIY. I have had some proper DIY disasters and I didn’t want to mess these up as they were not cheap and I want to do them justice. I felt a bit of a idiot when I called the company to check how difficult it would be only to find out is two drilled holes and a screwdriver! We had a laugh about it and I am now pretty sure it will be fine.
I am really looking forward to getting the slate house signs this week and by the weekend my pad should look really posh.